Credit unions are not in the business of raising revenue by instituting fees.  You will find that fees at a credit union are fewer and smaller than at other financial institutions, and generally reflect an expense incurred by the credit union.

New account fee, $2.00

Return fee for non-sufficient funds, $25.00

Return of deposited check, $18.00

Stop payment request (includes money orders and ACHs), $10.00

Stop payment of official check, $30.00

Copies of checks, $1.00 each

Copies of statements, per month, first one free, $1.00 each after

Statement returned in mail with forwarding address, $5.00

Statement returned in mail without forwarding address, $10.00

Replacement of lost or damaged ATM card, 1 free per 3 year period; $5.00 after

Replacement of lost or damaged Visa Check Card, $5.00

Replacement Visa/ATM PIN, $5.00

Rush delivery of debit card, $20.00

Visa Check Card/ATM Card overdraft fee, $25.00

Debit card reactivation, $5.00

Debit card dispute, if shown not to be fraud, $15.00

Money orders, $1.00 each

Official check, payable to 3rd party, $2.00

Visa Gift Cards, $2.00 each

CUMoney Card (Prepaid Visa), $2.00 each

Coin counting machine, 6% of total

Fax service, $1.00

Photocopies, 25 cents per page

Domestic wire transfer (outbound), $15.00

Excessive Overdraft Transfer fee after 6 transfers per month, $25.00 per transfer

Loan refinance fee, $25.00

Preparing & filing discharge of mortgage, $50.50

Dormant account fee per year, after 2 years inactive, $10.00

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