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Card Options

visa mockupMaximize the convenience of your JACFCU account with theseATM/Debit card options:


ATM Card

Allows you to withdraw cash from your checking or savings at ATMs that have the Co-Op and Plus logos, among others.  ATMs in the Co-Op network are fee-free to JACFCU members.  Use Co-Op's ATM LOCATOR to find the one closest to you.


Visa Check Card (debit card)

Make purchases directly from your checking account without writing a check!  It's the convenience of a Visa credit card without the monthly bill.  This card may also be used for ATM withdrawals from checking or savings.


CUMoney Prepaid Visa Card

You load the card with a balance you choose . . . a great way to manage spending!  Because it's not tied to your account, it's safer for online shopping, and a convenient way to carry extra funds when you travel.  May also be used for ATM cash withdrawals.  Reloadable too!


Visa Gift Card

The gift that always fits!  Choose any amount between $10 and $500.  Non-reloadable. May not be converted to cash.


Lost or Stolen VISA Debit Cards

Where to call if your VISA Debit Card is lost or stolen:


During regular Credit Union hours,

call the Credit Union Main Office at (716) 483-1650

(or 1-888-856-0006 if you are outside of our local calling area)


When the Credit Union Main Office is not open,

call 1-800-453-4270



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Main office: 915 E. Second Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
(716) 483-1650

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